Alaenna + Sam | Birthday Mini

I was super excited when my friends Alaenna and Samantha, who share the same birthday week wanted to do a mini shoot to kick off their birthday celebration. We have done many sessions before but this was the first one where I got to take photo of them with both of their significant others at the same time. These two are my closest friends and their Husband and Fiance are close friends of my husband as well. We affectionately call our the six pack. It was also really fun to get to put some of the skills I have been learning in my posing class to use.

It was -10 degrees with windchill and we almost cancelled but my new KJ posing class had taught me an efficient way to take pictures quickly. So we decided to snap a few before heading inside for dinner to continue the celebration. It was great to get some feedback from Josh and Alaenna about my posing because this was the first time since taking my class that I had done a shoot with them. Josh said he was surprised by how much faster I was shooting. I also have learned since their engagement shoot to not worry about my shutter sound. I used to worry about what people would think about how often I was taking pictures. When I started doing portrait photography for friends I used my good ole Iphone. So when I made the switch to an actual DSLR camera where the shutter was audible I was a little self conscious.

Taking photos with Caleb and Samantha are always a hoot. Even though Caleb doesn’t love taking photos he humors me because Samantha loves it. But I always end up with some really funny ones. I love that our friendship has allowed me to get to capture some of the big and little moments in their lives.


March 1, 2019

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