Olivia & Chayton | Engaged

Well it has been a tid bit since I have blogged with the holidays but I was super stoked to get my first session of 2020 in the books. I am so stoked for yall to meet this adorable couple. They are also some of my favorites because they are my first wedding client!!!! (cue the confetti and air horn) But seriously I have been wanting to start doing weddings for a while now and I can’t wait to capture every beautiful detail of their special day. 🙂

Anywhooo, meet Chayton and Olivia who make the list of people who have braved the bitter Wyoming cold for their session. Laramie has not been letting up this winter, with it’s deceptively beautiful days. I am taking about how it can look super sunny and be 20 degrees outside at the same time. I have officially started buying hand warmers in bulk!! Just kidding but seriously I did buy the value pack just for my January sessions.

When getting to know Chayton and Olivia for the first time during our inquiry meeting I could tell we were a good fit. They were super sweet and I loved getting to hear about how they met. I also loved hearing about how Chayton proposed, they planned a trip along the west coast. Ending their trip at non other than The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! If you have know me for any amount of time you will quickly learn I am quite the Potterhead.

I have to say I think Chayton has the GQ model look mastered. It’s really important to me to work towards the strengths of the couple that I am with in each session. I also love how genuine Olivia’s smile is in all the photos and what you can’t see in the photos is Chayton is provoking those smiles. Nothing beats the joy between a couple in love and I love getting to capture those moments.

I am so excited to join these two on their special day later this year!





January 4, 2020

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