Joss and Justin | Engaged

There is nothing better then getting out to the mountains for a photoshoot and this was no exception. It was a beautiful evening in every way except for the mosquitos. However Justin and Joss were troopers and you can’t tell they were getting bitten at all. While I came out of the shoot with at least twenty mosquito bites, I also got some super sweet pictures as well. WORTH IT!!!

You can just tell from their photos how comfortable Joss and Justin are with each other, they just fit. Their story is so sweet, they meet at a summer camp when they were in high school and got to know each other. After dating for a while Justin moved to be closer to Joss and the rest is history. It was fun capturing their unique style and I just LOVE Joss’ super cute yellow glasses.

Hope you enjoy this cute couple as much as I did.


July 22, 2020

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