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A tale as old as time

We are so excited to finally be sharing this BEAUTIFUL wedding at the Alice Hardy Stevens Center. We love doing weddings in our hometown of Laramie! It was such a warm and sunny day, we couldn’t have asked for better in October. Seriously I have never seen flowers in bloom in October in Laramie, Wyoming. Snow Yes Flowers Never

Random Fact, Lindsay LOVES weddings. If we get an invitation to a wedding we clear the calendar. WE ARE GOING! She always cries during the vows wither we are shooting or just attending. So the week leading up to a wedding she is in prepping mode. She checks all our gear, decides on our outfits, usually orders something new for detail shots, stocks her just in case kit and checks in with our couple to answer any last minute questions.

In our first meeting Heather told us up front she was very type A and Lindsay laughed saying that’s great. Kory thinking she didn’t really get it said “no really she is VERY type A” and then proceeded to pull out the wedding binder. This binder made it’s appearances through out their wedding day. If someone had a question about decorations . . . check the binder. Some one is wondering when the caterer arrives . . . check the binder. Everything went so smoothly and I think it had something to do with that binder 😉

We were so blown away by the detail they put into every choice for their wedding day, you truly had to walk around and take in every detail. They had taken the time to plan and put together unique center pieces at every table that reflected the Beauty and the Beast theme. It was so cute to hear Kory talk about how they searched for the perfect duster for Plumette and how the painted the candelabra to match Lumiere perfectly. You could tell how much they enjoyed working together to create the wedding of their dreams.

But what truly stuck with us was the speeches and how everyone just loved on Heather and Kory. It’s one thing to capture sweet loving moments between a bride and groom but to hear their family share about the love they see between them is so special. But it didn’t stop there it was so fun to see Kory acknowledge their friend who gave him a nudge in the right direction aka Heather’s ;).

Thank you Kory and Heather for trusting us to capture one of the most important days of your lives together. We are so excited for everything the future holds for you two! We are so happy to share a few of our favorite photos with you and we hope you love them even more than we do.

October 3, 2021

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