Austin & Ricci | Proposal

Well we have been soooooo excited to share these photos. Lindsay loves to be in on a secret and this was a pretty big one. When Lindsay’s brother asked her to photograph his proposal she couldn’t contain how excited she was. It was so much fun to be in on the planning and scheming to keep everything a secret to surprise Ricci. We even got to have Sugar the chocolate lab stay with us in the days leading up to the proposal.

The mission to keep it a secret was a success! Austin spent a good part of a month researching rescues for Labrador retriever puppies and putting in applications without Ricci knowing. Then when he finally got his approval for sugar he snuck down to Denver for the day to “help his mom with errands”. Over the next two days he tried to not give away that his big plans were in motion.

We had planned to have “family photos’ together so everyone was dressed up and Lindsay had a reason to have a camera around. Then his sister Allie brought out Sugar from her hiding spot. Ricci was so excited about the puppy she didn’t even notice Austin step away and get down on one knee.

It was so special to get to be apart of such an important moment for these two. We love that we get to take such an sentimental moment and freeze it in time for these two to go back and relive over and over.

February 18, 2022

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