Downtown Laramie Engagement

Photography gives Lindsay and I the chance to love and serve people in a way that we never thought possible. Its an opportunity for us to take a micro-second in time that will be remembered by our clients for a lifetime. Its a chance to see smiles and an opportunity to bring joy

As we checked off our list packed all our gear, we looked out the window and were both immediately filled with joy. It was snowing and not just a little snow, the Lord had brought large snow flakes. These big flakes brought us back to our childhood in an instant and reminded us both of our adventures outside.

When we arrived at our starting location, which was the bridge over the train tracks, we started taking our practice shots to get our camera settings right as the snow continued to fall. As soon as we finished getting our settings right and taking some fun pre-session photos for our portfolio, Stacey and Spencer arrived. As soon as they arrived we walked up the bridge for our first session of photos.

As you can see, during our session with Stacey and Spencer we had fun. We took some pictures on the bridge, we took some pictures in the plaza by Coal Creek Coffee and we captured some fun ones by our favorite door which was painted red this time. We also brought some hot chocolate for a delicious treat and a chance for them to warm up. After taking more pictures than we probably should have, we took our client selfie and then headed home.

We had an absolute blast with Stacey and Spencer and were honored to be chosen for their engagement photos. As I think about the photos we were taking with snow flakes falling in the background I understood why I love photography on a deeper level. It hit me all at once. It’s been proven that there is not a single snowflake that God creates that is the same. What hit me is that there is not one single picture that we take which is the same case as every snowflake. Every smile is a little different, every pose has endless angles and every location provides an opportunity for creativity. That is incredible and further reminds me to keep pushing through the challenging days and keep pursuing our dreams in photography.

April 9, 2022

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