Snowy Vedauwoo Engagement Session

It was cold breezy day as we turned off of interstate 80 with our car. It was 21 degrees out with some snow blowing across the road. As we pulled up to the meeting area to meet up with Cecilia and Christopher, we looked off a little ways ahead surprised to see a white cross over family vehicle buried deep in a snow drift in the middle of the road. Lindsay and I both looked at each other and it was obvious from our expression that we had a feeling who was in the white vehicle stuck in the snow. So I jumped out of our family unit, our two wheeled mini van, and ran over to help. Sure enough it was indeed Christopher and Cecilia. Luckily after some pushing and another person with a truck and toe rope they were able to get un-stuck and we could start our photo session.

As usual, we grabbed our camera bags, and our bag full of extra goodies to thwart the winter weather which included: hand warmers and hot chocolate. Then we started our journey towards the rock formations while attempting to avoid the bigger snow drifts as we went. Our first stop was about a quarter mile from the vehicles near a rock formation informally named, “the Potato Chip.” The sun peaked out for some incredible mountain golden hour photos. We were able to catch the details of the closer rock formations and some of the distant horizon of the outline of the Potato Chip rock formation. The landscape was an incredible background for this amazing couple. As the session was coming to a close, we surprised our clients with some hot fresh hot cocoa. As our winter photo session tradition continues we had fun capturing some photos and videos of Chris and Cecilia toasting to a bright future and fun time.

As the clouds began to thicken and the sun disappeared, we ended the session with another tradition that we do with all our clients. We rallied them to snuggle in close with us for a phone selfie. We had a blast in the winter conditions of Wyoming with the Robbirds’ and we cannot wait to take their wedding pictures at the beautiful Pinery in Colorado Springs.

February 3, 2023

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