Caleb | Graduate

It was fun to get to walk around the campus I attended for many years with Caleb and Samantha as Caleb prepares to graduate. Caleb and Sam are close friends of my husband and I that we meet in our time in college when were apart of a campus ministry called Chi Alpha. There are so many great things that came out of that season but the friendship we have with these two makes the top of the list. Caleb will be graduating from the University of Wyoming with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He will also be marrying Samantha in the Fall, when your friends are getting married it is easy for a senior session to turn into couples photos. It was fun to get to take some pictures of them as they are starting their journey together.

Caleb told me his mom likes to take pictures so he is a natural at posing. Boy was he right he made my job easy, I told him I hope my boys are as natural in front of the camera as he is when they are older. Dru and I are very excited for Caleb as he graduates in May and hopefully continues at UW for the next 2 years as a graduate student. Selfishly it would mean we get have two more years with them close by. CONGRATS CALEB!!!

April 29, 2019

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