Trey + Laura | Engaged

I was so excited to do a family and engagement shoot for these two friends of ours. When I asked Laura about how they met she told me this cute story about how her friend had told her about Trey and how her friend thought they would really hit it off. One night Laura was out with her friend downtown at the Buck when her friend invited Trey to come join them. They really liked each other and as Trey said they have been together ever since. Trey proposed where they first met at the Buck.They will be getting married sometime next summer.
I decided even though it was an engagement session that we should get some family shots as well so we included their little guy TJ too. Tj is two just like my oldest and he definitely reminded me of Eli a lot. Taking pictures is hard when your two especially when there is a playground in sight. But Tj did great and if you thought the playground was hard to avoid, he really wanted to get in the cold river even more.
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May 5, 2019

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