The Ruckmans | One Year

I hope you enjoy these photo as much as I do, every time I look at them I want to put them in a slide show to some cute romantic music. 🙂 It was so much fun to bum around in downtown Laramie and get some really great photos. This session was very reminiscent in many ways, not only were they in their wedding clothes a year later but we also took photos where Josh proposed.  Josh took Alaenna to dinner at her favorite place in Downtown Laramie a Thai restaurant called Anong’s and then he proposed up on the walking bridge above the train tracks. I had totally forgotten that the week that we decided to take pictures downtown was Laramie Jubilee Days and it was very busy. It was funny because when people would walk by us taking pictures they would congratulate Josh and Alaenna on getting married not knowing that it was a year later. We even had one guy who wanted to jump in one of their pictures.

Like many couples Josh and Alaenna’s wedding flew by without the opportunity to get many pictures of just the two of them. This happened to myself as well, I loved our photographer and it wasn’t her fault. We didn’t plan well for what people would do after the ceremony when we took pictures so we rushed our pictures to get to the reception. The result, we have one hard copy photo of the two of us on our wedding day given to us by someone that wasn’t our photographer. That reminds me I really need to scan that picture! I think if I went back in time I would change my mind and do a first look, some the reason is being a photographer now I understand how that can alleviate some of the time crunch. I also cried when I saw Dru at the end of the aisle like I was getting married against my will. I am talking ugly crying while walking down the aisle guys.Any hoo, we did a session with Josh and Alaenna in their wedding attire to celebrate their one year anniversary.


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July 15, 2019

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