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Well some of yall might be wondering why all of a sudden I stopped posting photos of sessions. The answer is I took a break from scheduling some sessions for awhile because of some family stuff. I am going to try to explain what has been going on without any TMI details. Back in March our youngest Titus was diagnosed with Anal malformation, which basically means he has trouble pooping. When he was diagnosed in March we were admitted to Denver Hospital for Children for a long stay that we were not expecting. He was supposed to have surgery that week¬† but he got sick and we decided to postpone. After rescheduling two more time he finally had his surgery the last week of July. This involved me staying at the hospital with Titus 3 hours away from home for a week for his recovery. So obviously it wasn’t a good time to be busy with my photography business. However I decided before our second trip down to the hospital that I wanted to make sure I took a few pictures to have of this big event in our life. So I wanted to share these cute photos of Titus. At the end of our stay I also took a picture of Titus’ IV pole that we took everywhere with us for the 8 days we were there, it seriously became like a third leg. Well here is a little window into this part of our journey.



September 2, 2019

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