Anderson Family

I was really excited to schedule a session in Vedauwoo this fall. Everyone who knows me know that Fall is my favorite season I love pumpkin, apple cider, and especially all the leaves changing color. Every year my house looks like a Leaf bomb when off in my house and my favorite go to cookie recipe is pumpkin chocolate chip ( I make them year round ;). Now I couldn’t have had a better family to take to Vedauwoo, the Anderson kids were super comfortable and enjoyed every moment being up in the mountains. For those who may not know Vedauwoo is a rock formation outside of Laramie, where the rocks look like someone stacked them on top each other. People often will rock climb or go hiking in Vedauwoo, we walked down a trail to find many cute little photo spots. It was nice to get to enjoy the outdoors while getting to know this sweet family and they even took home a souvenirs of a snake skin they found under a rock.

One of the things I loved most about this session is how these photos truly show the joy of their kiddos. I try to not only get some great family photos but I also like to capture the family in the season their in. What I mean by that is that you can only can see so much from a cute family photo where everyone is looking and smiling. I also want to capture the special relationships between the different family members but also to get a feel for what family life is like. A wise photographer once told me that when people look at their photos they think about what they were thinking, feeling or what was happening in the moment the photo was taken. So I try really hard to give a experience that brings a smile to your face when you think back on your time with me. What you don’t know from looking at the photo is that the Anderson family was talking about their favorite ice cream flavors in the walking shots :). However there is a good chance that when Josh and Jessica see those photos they remember exactly what their kids were talking about.

I always like to get the parents alone for a moment in a family session, I just love seeing that connection between them. In this session when I pulled Josh and Jessica aside to take a few of them alone their kids were behind me playing on the rocks. It was cute to see them to take a step back watch their kids together and soak it all in. I love watching couples just take that moment to soak it all in and be together. As a mom I know that those moments where you get to just soak in the love between you and your spouse can be rare and often interrupted by sweet hands around your legs. Don’t get me wrong I love those moments but it is also great to spend a moment with the reason those sweet faces are here.

Anyhoo, I hope these pictures of this sweet family bring some sunshine to your day!



September 26, 2019

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