Jon+ Erica | Engaged

Jon and Erica met at the University of Wyoming, where Jon studied Electrical Engineering and Erica studies English. Jon and Erica had been dating a year when Jon proposed in Vedauwoo. Erica and Jon went bouldering in Vedauwoo and went they got to the top of the mountain formation Jon proposed. They are very in love and excited to be getting married soon.

I always love when I get to try something new, so when Erica asked if there was anyway we could do some photos in a river we made a plan to make it happen. Most photographers have a brand that they try to stick to pretty closely and sometimes that means they do the same types of locations or poses. When of the things that I found my business on was that I wanted to always listen to my clients and to be open to their ideas. I want my clients to feel like they are apart of the session and it helps me to provide them with a well rounded experience. I also have found that in our personal session my hubby does a lot better if the photographer makes him feel like he can be more involved than showing up and smiling. Now do all the ideas turn out cute and perfect no but often they turn out AMAZING!! This is one of those times where an idea that breaks the normal turned out so great.

September 28, 2019

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