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Being a photographer in Laramie, Wyoming is one of the best jobs in the world. Whether Lindsay and I are taking wedding photos in the cool heavenly temperatures of a sunset or we doing family photo sessions in the glowing snow in the heart of winter, we have the time of a life time. For us photography is beyond taking a picture and editing it. We love engaging with our clients and we work overtime to ensure that our clients have a memorable experience during the shoot. We believe in the core of our being that if our clients enjoy their photoshoot and it’s an experience that they will not forget they will love their photos. The professionally edited photos they receive will give them joy every time they look at them.

Our family session today was memorable for us and for our clients. There is something about the golden hour in Southeast Wyoming when the sun bounces off that crisp clean snow through the pine trees. Our 10 minutes session with the Moore’s family with their puppy was so beautiful and a ton of fun. Besides the perfect lighting and background, our client took the time to match their outfits and showed up to impress. Rolling into the session we positioned them to be backlit. You can see in the photos posted that the lighting was heavenly and then the glow of the sun on their family outline was the icing on the cake. To finish the session, we had them swing their daughter between them holding her hands. After a couple swings and lots of pictures we caught an incredible picture of a little smiling girl being swung off the ground by her parents.

As soon as we got home today, Lindsay enjoyed the session so much that she could not stop editing these pictures to stop eating dinner. Seeing her face lit up and eager to get these pictures published brought joy to my day. By the end of our day, we transformed the 10-minute mini session into 40 priceless photos that the Moore’s will cherish. Though mini sessions may seem like a small amount of time that is not worth getting all dressed up for, we made sure and will always do our best to make those 10 minutes count. We cannot wait to do our next photo session. Apart from Jesus, it is our lifeblood that gives us joy and gives the opportunity to chase after the dreams that God has placed on our hearts.

January 9, 2022

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