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It was 20 degrees out and the wind was blowing 20 miles per hour, as the snow crunched underneath our feet as we captured our next family session with the Udoh’s on Prexys Pasture at the University of Wyoming. In light of weather Lindsay and I worked quickly, ensuring that we shot the most important portraits first. After warming up in the Union, we went out and did another set with some beautiful granite rocks in the snowy background. Here we were able to get some great solo shots of Uwem and Martha. After nearly everyone had lost feeling in their extremities, we finished the session. Despite the cold we were able to take breath taking photos in a beautiful snowy background.

After, I had regained my feeling in my fingers and I started looking through our photos, I realized that family photography is beyond the experience and the polished portraits. It’s coming together as a family to spend time connecting with each other while capturing photos of your current season of life. As we clicked away, I could see the joy in the Uwem and Martha’s expressions as they picked different fun poses. In the end our sessions empower families to share a piece of their story with everyone around them.

January 22, 2022

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