Laramie Wedding at Train Depot

Can you believe it? It is already the beginning of wedding season. We had so much fun taking photos of Austin and Ricci’s wedding. Although it was small wedding, the bride and groom got exactly what they wanted.

Our morning started as most typical wedding days; we texted the bride a groom a “Happy Wedding Day!” text and loaded all our photography and videography equipment in the car. As we were driving we reviewed our timeline and went over a few highlighted shots on the shot list. As I pulled up to the bridal suite to drop Lindsay off, time began to fly. While Lindsay was taking getting ready pictures for the bride and her bridesmaids, I was taking getting ready photos for the groom and his groomsmen.

After taking several fun and serious photos of the gentleman of honor and Austin’s friends, it was time for the bride to arrive. As the Bride arrived Lindsay and I both looked at each other with a smile knowing that we were an hour behind the timeline, but we were not worried. We knew we just had to work a little bit more quickly and stick to the plan. As soon as the bride had put on her dress, we set up for the first look in the frigid outdoors. While it was very cold, it was worth pushing through considering the best lighting at the time was outside with a high sun and overcast clouds.

The first look was super convenient for the bride and groom and the guests, because immediately following the first look, we were able to roll into all the family pictures and some fun friend shots as well. These were by far my favorite pictures, because the bride and groom love having fun just like us and the pictures showed it. Of course, we made sure to get those iconic and memorable smiling pictures, but with nearly every serious pose, a funny photo was requested. From the bridesmaids pretending to drive a car to the groomsmen picking Austin off the ground we captured some joyful and funny pictures that will not be forgotten.

After all the family pictures, the ceremony started, and we were back on schedule with the timeline. Although we have taken pictures of multiple ceremonies, I may be biased but this was by far the most creative. The fact that our two boys were ring security might have influenced my opinion. It was a short and cute ceremony. After our boys handed the ring security box to the man of honor, Austin and Ricci gave each other rings and declared their commitment and the rest is history.

To finish the night off, there was more goofiness and more fun. However, Lindsay and I were excited to end the party with a bang, literally. This was our first wedding to use our newest addition to our photography experience. We had ordered biodegradable white confetti for Austin and Ricci to pop off to end the celebration. This was an awesome way to finish this joyful, funny and memorable wedding day.

Laramie Train Depot

April 6, 2023

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