Happy Jack Engagement Tie City Trailhead

Lindsay and I absolutely love going deep into the mountains to take some priceless pictures. So with this last photoshoot we were able to continue what we love with a couple that shares that same drive to go to the mountains and experience the outdoors on a deep level. If you love a good adventure and you love photos then this is a photoshoot you want to read about.

Can you believe it, we braved the spring weather in Wyoming and had a successful photoshoot in the mountains. Yes sure it was a little chilly and there was eminent rain on the horizon but the scenery was beautiful and the lighting was perfect. OK, maybe not perfect, but it was really good. While most people would be discouraged when the sky is overcast, photographers love a nice gray sky. This is primarily because the clouds provide a natural filter for the harsh sunlight and naturally the photos are rarely over-exposed. Enough about the weather lets talk about Wyoming photography.

Some of you may be asking, What are the best places to take engagement photos in Wyoming around the Laramie area. Well you are in luck, because Lindsay and I grew up in this area and we have gone exploring many places. This photoshoot in particular was at the Tie City Trailhead. If you have not checked this area out. We highly recommend it. Another great location choice is Vedauwoo. Vedawoo makes for that beautiful mesmerizing rock formations in the background. Another great place is in the Snowy Range mountains. The Snowy Range mountains have so many opportunities for great photos, but perhaps the coolest appeal is the snow. Yes, you read that right, you can go find snow in the middle of the summer.

As I mentioned earlier, one of our go to spots for photography is the Tie City Trailhead for many reasons. There are some great wind blocked areas, which in Wyoming is pretty important. Windblow hair can be cute but blowing in your face constantly doesn’t make for good photos. Also the scenery is breath taking, we love it because we can take people who are maybe not as adventurous as these two and still give them a taste of mountain air. We chose this spot for this photoshoot, simply because all the other main areas were still closed to vehicles.

As you can see, these photos have tons of great exposure and I will remind you that it was completely overcast during most of the session. What made this session so fun though was Kurt and Jenna’s fun spirit. While Lindsay was taking photos, I was able to capture the energy and joy on a few video clips. We can not not wait to take Kurt and Jenna’s wedding photos up in the Snowy Range Mountains this fall.

As I wrap up these thoughts, Lindsay and I love taking photos of people who have a heart for the outdoors and have a lot of energy. We take engagement, wedding and all types of family photos and we are looking for clients that want to join us on this journey called life. We understand that there will be many temporary clients that we connect with, however we live our life to build relationships with people and love people on a deep level.

We have tons of blogs and photoshoots you can check out on our website, but we are now including with all our full sessions a small two the three minute video of each photography experience. You can check these videos out on You Tube on our channel called Dru and Lindsay. If you loved this blog, we would love to connect with you more. You can connect with us on our website on our contact form. We can not wait for our next photography adventure.

May 25, 2023

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