Summer Night Family Session in Laramie Wyoming

Hutchinson Family + Washington Park

Well life has been crazy for us as we get closer to back to school and I am sure it is for everyone else as well. Back to School in our house as a homeschooling family looks a lot like organizing curriculum, last minute summer activities, planning unit studies, and a new homeschooling room setup. We were so excited to take a break from squeezing every last bit out of this summer to take photos for the Hutchinson Family. We have had the pleasure of taking big brothers school photos in the past but we couldn’t wait to get to siblings pictures with all the kiddos.

Sweet Ruth is just the most adorable and she did so great for us, not a single cry the whole session! Which is AMAZING for her age. She just kept giving the cutest smiles whenever her family would interact with her. Isn’t she just precious?

Then we had miss Jane and my goodness she is just precious and spunky! When we got to the part of the session when we were taking pictures of just her she decided it was time for her nap. But then mom came in clutch with the perfect song and she was up smiling and doing the hand motions. And boy did that make for just the best pictures.

We love when parents get involved with their kiddos and it helps us get the best smiles. You know your kiddo best and what they need to get that belly laugh or REAL smile. Sometimes that a funny face, a joke, a song, or tell us a story about them. We all know kids have that cheesy camera smile but they all have their real authentic candid smile too, and that’s what we want. We love to work with parents to get a real smile out of their kids and to make the experience a fun so their kids are excited to take photos again!

Oh my goodness then last but not least we had mister Charles and boy does he take his big brother role seriously. Don’t mess with these girls or you have to answer to him. He has the sweetest heart towards them, he was so gentle and patient with sister the whole session.

We just loved this session with these sweet kiddos and can’t wait for the next one.

We are so excited for all the family sessions we have coming up this fall and can’t wait to see you in front of our camera.


August 17, 2023

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