Kurt & Jenna | Mountain Wedding

Lindsay and I believe every bride and grooms wedding day starts the day we meet with them for the first time. This was not any different with Kurt and Jenna’s wedding experience. After eating some chips and salsa with them at Chili’s in Laramie, WY, we sent them our contract and they made their deposit to reserve their date.

From that point forward we began sending out a few questionnaires about what they want for their engagement session and their wedding timeline. From the received responses, we found a beautiful location in Happy Jack Area and took some snowy tree photos on the Tie City Trailhead. It was a fun photoshoot and details can be read about in our other blog for Kurt and Jenna. This engagement session allowed Kurt and Jenna to get to know us and to get comfortable with Lindsay’s poses and prompts. It also gave us a better idea of the best photos to take on their wedding day.

As the big wedding day approached, we had a few phone calls with Kurt and Jenna to finalize their timeline and to make sure that they were getting everything they wanted. We knew this timeline was critical in order to make sure the wedding day was streamlined and captured all the pictures they wanted.

Before we knew it, it was one week before the wedding. With tensions high and stress building, we had one more phone call with Kurt and Jenna to ease their mind and go over the wedding day to make any final tweaks to schedule. This phone call assured the bride and groom that we were fully prepared and gave them peace of mind that everything is ready to go and a well communicated plan was ready to roll on the big day.

On the wedding day, we could not contain our excitement for this wedding. It was not only with a fun and outgoing couple, but we also knew we were going to take some beautiful pictures in the Snowy Range Mountains, near Medicine Bow. Then to top things off, a party bus was planned to escort the wedding party.

To start the day, I dropped Lindsay off where Jenna was staying to take pictures of the bride getting ready and then I headed over to the Laramie Train Depot for some groomsmen getting ready pictures. After taking some fun and goofy getting ready pictures and getting to know the guys a little bit, Jenna arrived for the first look photos

After the first kiss photos and small video, it was time to get on the Noco Party Bus. I was able to go with the bridal party on the bus to take some pictures of the fun. This bus had just about everything. This bus had what you expect in a party bus, no seatbelts, loud music, a cooler with snacks and drinks and a cool vibe. After taking some videos and photos of some great attempts at singing and dancing, we arrived at Lake Marie for the bridal party photos.

The photos we took were breathtaking with the lake and the mountain peaks of Medicine Bow National Forest in the background. We took all kinds of photos with groomsmen and and bridesmaids, but our favorite photo that we took with the bridal party was a new photo we tried that is coined the ‘groom toss.’ You can probably guess from the name what it is and to no surprise Kurt’s brother got really excited for this one. I may be biased but this photo is one of the best photos we have taken to date. There was so much joy in everyone’s faces with a lake and mountainous background.

After taking the bridal party and bride and groom photos, the wedding party piled into the bus and headed to Saint Albin’s chapel for the ceremony.The beautiful scenery continued during the ceremony with sun receding producing that great golden light. After a sweet and memorable ceremony, we immediately began family formal portraits. Family members and friends were leaving, but I was able to gather them all as Lindsay was taking the pictures.

To finish the day of coverage, after family formals we ended the day with a bang. Literally. For fun and to make memories we popped a biodegradable confetti cannon over Kurt and Jenna as he dipped her for a kiss.

September 30, 2023

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