Maddy | Senior Session

It was a beautiful fall day as Lindsay and I packed up our gear to prepare for another session. We were both eager to take senior photos today. The beautiful weather added to our excitement, but we were most excited to take some pictures of some fun poses at the high school. As we drove we reviewed the questionnaire we sent Maddy to make sure we were not going to miss anything that is important to her on this special day. In addition to all our normal camera gear, we also had a 10 ft A-frame ladder as well. You will find out what we used that for in just a little while. We were ready to take pictures for a high school senior cheerleader.

When we arrived, we began taking some standard photos of Maddy with that beautiful golden sun background in the crisp new Laramie high school football stadium. Afterwards we began to have some more fun and take a little more challenging photos. We took some cute, memorable pictures of Maddy doing some cheer moves which included some back and front handsprings. Then while Lindsay was taking some nostalgic photos in the Laramie Plainsmen endzone, I set up a ladder under the upright. As soon as it was set up and secure, Maddy climbed to the top of the ladder and sat near the end of the goal post for some out of this world field goal cheerleader pictures.

After the cheerleading pictures, Maddy changed outfits and we headed to the Laramie foot-bridge over the train tracks. This was a special and memorable portion of the session, because it reminded her of her grandpa. After taking some photos and a few videos over the trains, the sun was waning indicating that it was time to transition to our final location.

We saved the last location to capture those mesmerizing tree and river photos. This also provided some great family photos for her family. To catch the last bit of golden sunlight we went to Optimist Park in Laramie, WY next to the Laramie River. We took some beautiful photos by the river and in the willows. Finally as the last bit of light was fading we finished the session with a selfie with Maddie to continue our tradition of all our photo sessions.

October 21, 2023

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